MONSKEY MANIACS | All the Same, Yet all Different
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We believe in endless creativity of both Children and Adults.

It’s in our nature, It’s in our DNA.

As people: All the Same, Yet All Different.

Meet Monskey

True Designer Toy!

Monskey is a versatile figurine providing artists with a 3D canvas to express true and endless creativity. Draw, Paint, Glue and go on a artist adventure with your own DYO Monskey and become a Monskey Maniac!


Learn from the best!

Learn from the real Monskey Maniacs. They invite you to learn all their tips, tricks and artistry secrets on how to design your own Monskey! Learn about materials, applications and character creation!


Monskey Maniacs!

Meet the Monskey Maniacs; artists from all kind of scenes that designed exclusive Monskeys! Urban, Modern, Textile, Pop; they are the creatives behind todays art society!


Maniacs Action!

Meet Monskey and the Monskey Maniacs at the Monskey Expo’s, soon in a city near you. See the Monskey Maniacs at play, follow workshops and score some cool Monskey Merchandise.

Want to become a Monskey Maniac? Here is how!
Monskey Maniacs


Learn more about Monskey.

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